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By Matt Murphy

STATE HOUSE, OCT. 11, 2017.....Legislation banning devices known as bump stocks that may have been used in the Oct. 1 Las Vegas massacre and can enable a semi-automatic weapon to fire like an automatic weapon is expected to surface for a House vote Wednesday afternoon, according to a senior House official.

Following the Las Vegas shooting, Rep. David Linksy filed legislation to ban bump stocks in Massachusetts, as well as high-capacity magazines that carry more than 10 rounds of ammunition. That legislation has not emerged for a public hearing yet, but Linsky has filed an amendment to a $123 million budget bill that the House plans to take up on Wednesday afternoon.

The amendment does not address high-capacity magazines but would ban the possession or sale of any device "which attaches to a rifle, shotgun, or firearm, except a magazine, that is designed to increase the rate of discharge of the rifle, shotgun or firearm."

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