... Veteran Rep. Kaufman, 70, of Lexington, will not seek re-election in 2018 ...... Home care bill heads back to Baker with workers still concerned about their own privacy considerations ...... MTF releases look at health care trust funds ...... Colleagues plan to file legislation aimed at forcing Heroux to choose between House, Attleboro mayor's post ...... "Privilege" comment riles gun rights activists at public hearing ...... Clean energy activists again ready to be arrested Thursday to highlight opposition to fossil fuels ...... Beacon Hill struggles to find policy response to dealers of deadly drugs ...... Towns resistant to marijuana may reconsider, Rosenberg predicts at SHNS summit ...... Rep. Benson in Germany as official observer at the United Nations Climate Change Conference ...... Baker swears in Gilpin as State Police chief as controversy swirls about scrubbed arrest report ...... UMass-Boston layoffs punctuate continuing budget struggles ...... Branches sending Baker bill to crack down on handicapped parking placard abuse ...... Legislture unanimously approves compromise bill on bilingual education reform ...... House passed bill establishing May as Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month ...... Baker opioid bill sent to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Committee for review ...... Trauma registry, home care worker registry bills heading back to Baker's desk ...
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By Michael P. Norton

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, NOV. 9, 2017.....Defending his administration's commitment to developing clean energy sources, Gov. Charlie Baker on Thursday responded to activists who are aggressively pressing him to take steps to halt new fossil fuel infrastructure, saying all options should remain on the table and that he doesn't "take a backseat to anybody" on renewable energy.

"As a general rule our strategy on this stuff has been to make sure we don't take options off the table," Baker told reporters when asked about protesters who filled his office lobby Wednesday and returned to Beacon Hill on Thursday. "There are always options and possibilities that are not foreseen, and we shouldn't be painting ourselves into a corner, especially in a sector like this where the changes are coming fast and furious."

Baker continued, "I mean if you think about where electric vehicles were five years ago and you think about where electric vehicles are now, and where electric vehicles are going to be five years, or six years or seven years from now, I think the idea of painting ourselves into a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with any of this stuff doesn't make any sense."

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