... Baker suggests structure to shed light on purpose of legal fees paid by Legislature ...... Mass Home Care says Senate health care bill proposes largest funding cut in program's 43-year history ...... After saying he planned to stay on, Attleboro mayor-elect Rep. Heroux plans to resign his House seat ...... Baker says current English language learning law working well for thousands in Massachusetts ...... Contraception bill was good opportunity for Mass. to "send a message" to others, Baker says ...... Sen. Chandler to Gov. Baker at contraception bill signing: "Thank you so much for supporting our work" ...... Women "we will never know about" will make family planning choice thanks to new law, Rep. Haddad says ...... Veteran Rep. Kaufman, 70, of Lexington, will not seek re-election in 2018 ...... Home care bill heads back to Baker with workers still concerned about their own privacy considerations ...... MTF releases look at health care trust funds ...
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By Michael P. Norton

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, NOV. 13, 2017.....As he tries to shield himself from any blowback over national politics, Republican Gov. Charlie Baker is trying to remain focused on state matters, but finds himself on issue after issue drawn into the national debate.

"My primary interest has been and will continue to be what goes on here in the Commonwealth. Our focus is really on the work," Baker told "On the Record" co-host Janet Wu Sunday morning after she asked him about Republicans falling to Democrats in elections on Tuesday and possible lessons he might take into his own re-election bid.

Baker has forged good working relationships with Democratic legislative leaders, but they hold veto-proof majorities in both branches, have been slow to advance the governor's legislative priorities and are often quick to defy his efforts to hold down spending. Baker has largely shied away from using the bully pulpit to publicly prod his Democratic colleagues, instead often emphasizing his hope for productive efforts.

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