... Like most issues, short-term rental regulation inspires little debate in House ...... Health care confidentiality bill nearing Gov. Baker's desk ...... Lynn finances bill on the move in Senate ...... Lawmakers ready to pass bill to avoid health insure price spike for about 1,000 retired teachers ...... New Rep. Fiola bill calls for look at "logistical issues" related to outpatient methadone centers ...... Facing pressure over funding, Peyser emphasizes importance of education strategies ...... House advances bill taxing, regulating short-term rentals in Massachusetts ...... Baker files bill addressing health insurance options for municipal retirees ...... Rep. Gordon's sexual harassment investigation bill sent to Judicary Committee ...... MBTA's years-old promise of reliable wi-fi remains distant dream for commuter rail riders ...... BLS: Boston households paid electricity prices 68 percent higher than national average in February 2018 ...... Goldman Sachs CEO to speak at BC chief execs club on March 22 ...
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By Katie Lannan and Michael P. Norton

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, NOV. 13, 2017....On the heels of a major effort in the Senate, the Massachusetts House will kick off what's expected to be two days of deliberations on criminal justice Monday with a pair of bills teed up for consideration.

In addition to addressing racial disparities, lawmakers this year are making a serious run at tackling the state's overall incarceration levels and curbing the state's recidivism rate, in part through supports such as treatment for addiction.

One bill -- originally filed by Gov. Charlie Baker to implement recommendations of a Council of State Governments review -- received initial approval last Wednesday. The bill (H 4012) would give certain offenders serving mandatory minimum sentences the opportunity to reduce their time in state prison by participating in programming.

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