... Baker proposes 3.5 percent increase in unrestricted local aid ...... Governor says he's "not sure" whether his budget will increase charter school reimbursements, special education funding ...... "It's not that hard for us to keep track of this number" - Gov. Baker on students from Puerto Rico in Mass. schools ...... District court nominee Power dubious about field sobriety tests ...... Saturday deadline spurs OCPF to give candidates until Jan. 22 to file year-end reports ...... Sen. Warren urges more funding for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to fight harassment, discrimination ...... Third Congressional District candidate Beej Das reports $425,000 in donations during Q4 ...... Kevin Franck elevated by Setti Warren's guv campaign to deputy campaign manager ...... Doctors tell lawmakers they like guv's plan to make naloxone more widely available ...
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ADJOURNED 'til Tuesday p.m. (State of the State)
ADJOURNED 'til Tuesday p.m. (State of the State)


By Michael P. Norton

JAN. 11, 2018.....Public policy debates often pivot on the value and impact of tax cuts and reductions, and the uncapped deduction for state and local taxes wiped off the books by the federal government in late December is a doozy in Massachusetts.

According to a new report from the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, Bay State residents in 2015 were able to deduct from their gross income $19 billion in state and local taxes under the tax structure in place before Congress and President Donald Trump last month capped those deductions at $10,000 per year.

That means that about $7.5 billion in federal deductions taken by Massachusetts residents will no longer be available, according to a foundation analysis shared at the News Service's request. The analysis shows about a third of taxpayers will be affected, with the largest impacts felt among the wealthiest.

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