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Subscribers can receive their News Service copy via email, fax, Web, or on paper at our offices in Room 458 of the State House. Perhaps the most effective combination is frequent monitoring of our Web site combined with use of our Alert System, which notifies subscribers when their issues of interest are mentioned in our material. 

Commercial:  $66/week
Government agencies:    54/week
Lobbyists:    54/week
Political groups:    54/week
Academic:    43/week
Charitable groups: 43/week
Media:   32 to 212/week, depending on audience size

Subscribers receive a 10% discount for making a full annual payment.

Additional Users: $2.50 per week (per user) up to and including nine (9) additional users per subscription. $5.00 per week (per user) for 10+ additional users, except news media please call office for maximum users.

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