The News Service started just after the turn of the century when one member of the press corps began copying every session of the House  and Senate sessions (in pencil) and selling the copies to other reporters, so they wouldn't have to attend every moment.  From that start the service, under several names, has added full wire-service coverage at a good price to news organizations and other clients.


The News Service is located in Room 458 of the State House.  We are an independent, privately owned wire service covering  Massachusetts government in depth.   Our staff of six tries to serve as a primary source of information on legislation, issues and background, in additional to producing traditional news copy.  Subscribers put us to a wide variety of uses - from tracking one specific bill or issue, to keeping tabs on the general flow of State House politics.  Most subscribers do both - keep up with the big picture while following the progress of their items of special interest.


We strive to maintain our position as
the news source all parties in state
government trust: Republicans and
Democrats, conservatives and liberals,
politicians and the news organizations 
who cover them.

We take great pride in the respect our
customers express for us, and believe
it's won with daily passion for accuracy,
depth and objectivity.
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