July, 2006
            Conducted by State House News Pollster
            Gerry Chervinsky
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The State House News Poll augments the State House News Service's unparalleled coverage of Massachusetts state government. It combines the the professionalism and experience of the News Service with that of Gerry Chervinsky, a 20-year veteran of gauging Massachusetts public sentiment.

The poll has two components:

  • The public side is an ongoing, high-quality public opinion survey about politics and policy in Massachusetts, analyzed and released regularly by the News Service.
  • The proprietary side offers organizations of any sort the opportunity to add their questions to the State House Poll and gain high-quality insight about public attitudes without the need to design and buy an entire poll. On these questions, demographics and responses are delivered directly to the client without being made public. The information is not the property of, nor seen by, the News Service staff - it goes direct from pollster to client. A variety of rates, options and service levels is available.

Our methodology is typical of top-quality public opinion surveys: A telephonic, random-digit dialing survey of 400 Massachusetts residents with a margin of error of +- 4.8 percent.

To get more information about participating in the next poll,
call Gerry Chervinsky at 617-332-5006.

Or you may use this form and we'll follow up.




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